3 infamous names from the world of roulette

There is no doubt that online casinos such as LeoVegas, Mr Green, Betsson, and Royal Panda have brought the game of roulette closer to the people. Through online, live, and mobile roulette play, more and more players are now getting to experience the thrill of the wooden wheel. Coming complete with the classic casino adrenaline rush it seems that year on year online roulette is a casino game that grows and evolves. While there is no denying that roulette is a game that is looking up, what has come before certainly warrants a mention. Today we are going delve in the annals of roulette history to look at some of the more infamous names associated with the game.

Joseph Jagger

Long before there were online casino portals and playing strategies there was Joseph Jagger. There are still some that believe that he was a conman, but most now see him as the father of educated roulette play. Back in 1873 he, along with the six men he hired, took to the floors of Monte Carlo Casino in an attempt to dominate the game of roulette. The history books show that he did just that. Through observing closely, he found out that certain numbers were more likely to hit than others, exposing a flaw in the wheel design of the time. In total he pocketed over €366,000 through such exploits, which back in 1873 was a humongous sum of money, enough to almost bring Monte Carlo Casino to its knees. He later basked in the glory of his winnings, claiming that he had beat the casino at its own game.

Ashley Revell

Joseph Jagger may have used street smarts to become a roulette legend; others seem to rely heavily on luck instead. When you think of names that have achieved roulette infamy through pure luck, you have to think of Ashley Revell. Back in 2004 he took what many consider to be the ultimate gamble. Selling all of his possessions, Revell captivated the heart of the British public when he took every penny he had to the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel and placed it all on a single roulette bet. Laying down $135,000 on red, his exploits were aired live on TV, with his nerves clear for the world to see. Full of brash and bravado, lucked shined on Revell that day as his bet came in securing him winnings of $270,000 and a place with roulette history. Looking back on what he has achieved, Revel recently dubbed the bet as “insane” and something that he would “never do again”.

Charles Wells

While the legends of Revel and Jagger are largely based around honest play, for another roulette name of the past things seem to be a little bit murkier. A few years after Jagger made his name by cleaning up at Monte Carlo Casino, Charles Wells decide that it was about time he gave it a go. Adopting a similar system to Jagger, he wrote his name into history by winning a staggering 2 million Francs (equivalent to €305,000) in a single night. He has become known as “the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo”, but his methods have been questioned. Wells remained adamant that he won through fair analysis of the wheels until his death, but many feel that isn’t the whole story.

A new era for Roulette

Roulette has managed to keep it’s popularity even after the online revolution of casino gaming, and this is much thanks to the new introduction of live roulette online, which is available at sites like Comeon – You can read more about them at Vipcasino.nu. Live Roulette means that a player can go to an online casino and connect himself to an actual physical casino game, with real life dealers, through a video link. This offers a much more realistic and genuine game experience than the old, animated versions of roulette online.

The total beginners guide to free spin bonuses

Rewards come thick and fast within the world of online casino gaming these days. Largely because, online casinos are battling it out without each other to secure new customers. In what is considered a key marketing tactic, many online casinos like to hand out bonuses, some of which take the form of a free spin bonuses. Thanks to services like MrCasinon and other casino guides, it’s easy to find a free spins casino today, but to total beginners it can still be a confusing tool to understand. For those who haven’t quite been able to grasp the concept as of yet, this blog will help explain everything you need to know about free spin bonuses.

Initially free spin bonuses were just a sign-up incentive, but that has now been tweaked somewhat. Now they are offered as a form of loyalty bonus, as well as being a common form of sign-up bonus. When discussing them as the latter they usually come in two forms, no-deposit based and deposit based, and there are key differences between the two. Deposit based bonuses are the most common form of free spin bonus found online. Free spins bonuses of this form require some degree of investment from the player. For example, a player may be handed 50 free spins on the receipt of a £50 deposit. No deposit bonuses work exactly like they sound, as they don’t require any money in order to access. Free spin bonuses of the no deposit variety tend to be smaller in size than those that come through a deposit based setup. However, it can be said that both are highly flexible, as free spin bonuses in general represent some of the most adaptable online casino bonuses currently available.

From a premise perspective the free spin bonus concept isn’t hard to understand. They are designed with marketing connotations, but are also in place to aid new and pre-existing players to try new games or up the amount that they play. From the online casinos perspective it is supposed be a case that a player will claim a bonus, use it, then stick around and continue on with real-money play when it has it expired. While this often proves to the case, what free spin bonuses also represent is the chance for a play to win big money through a cash-free investment. When you have a free spin bonus in your possession, all you need to do to turn that into real, bankable funds is time and whole lot of luck. Can you walk away from a free spin bonus with a small fortune to your name? It is highly unlikely, but it is by no means impossible. It is never going to be easy, but in the world of online casino gaming crazier things have happened, so turning a free spin bonus into cold hard card can be done.

No matter where you turn, you are likely to find an online casino that will entice you in with a free spin bonus offer. These offers are so common in fact that they are almost impossible to ignore.  If you really want to make this marketing tool your own, you need to do your research and seek out the very best deal. From there it all comes down to use, which all that has been detailed above can help with.

The core mechanics of online blackjack

Online blackjack is one of the few casino games in which the decisions a player makes truly matter, as what you do in the game will determine how successful you are. There simply isn’t any other type of online casino game out there that allows players to implement such a large degree of strategic approach. Profitable, dynamic, interesting, attractive, and entertaining, online blackjack is a game that has a full-roster of impressive credentials. Undeniably popular, if a player really wants to achieve within the world of online blackjack, they need to understand the core mechanics of the game. Helping you with a leg-up, the following breaks down the basic elements of online blackjack play in increased detail.

Card Values

Much like any other card based game; every card has a value attached to it. Here is what you need to know when it comes to online blackjack card values.

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 cards are all based off face value
  • King, Queen, and Jack all carry a value of 10
  • Ace qualifies as 11 or 1 depending on the player’s hand

In the game of online blackjack the suits of the cards are irrelevant and have no effect of the creation or outcome of any hand.

In-game Actions

When you are sat down at a virtual blackjack table, you are able to carry out set actions. Before the initial deal you can do the following:

  • Bet – Prior to the initial deal you must instigate a bet, this can be done by clicking the on-screen arrows before confirming the amount you wish to lie down on the table.
  • Deal – After confirming the amount you wish to bet, you can then select ‘Deal’ to start the game and receive your initial two cards.

From the initial deal the game will work on a round basis, after each round the following actions are possible.

  • Hit – The act of requesting another card in order to improve a hand, a player can hit up to the point of having a 5-card hand.
  • Stand – If a player wants to attempt to conclude the game, sticking with the hand they have, they can choose to stand. The game will automatically stand should a player have a 21 hand in their possession.
  • Spilt – Available when a player is initially dealt two cards of the same number, a player can choose to split them and play two independent hands based off of both. It must be noted that when you choose to split you will need to add another wager to the additional hand.

Additional Options

The above are the basic actions that can be undertaken in a game of online blackjack, but that is by no means all that can be done. Taking the experience to the next level, players can also do the following during the course of a game should they wish to:

  • Insurance – Should a dealer be in possession of an Ace up card, they will offer a player the chance to insure their bet. Buying insurance protects the player (at the cost of half the original stake) should the dealer have blackjack.
  • Double Down – Much like the action to hit, expect when a player opts to double down they are doubling their stake and receiving just a single card in the process. This opens up the chance to have increased control in the game; as for an increased cost a player can call more cards.

So, you now know the basics of Blackjack, but where can you play it? most of today’s online casinos offer various variations of Blackjack, and I would suggest that you pick a casino online from Sverigescasinon.net. In their list of recommended casinos you get access to reviews of the highest rated casino on the market, and you’ll also get information about the latest bonus offerings available.